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“The human mind does not run on logic any more than a horse runs on petrol.”

Going back to a laptop

With some changes at The Day Job™ I can no longer get to a lot of important things on my iPad (this, as I’m sure many of you will relate to, is a blessing and a curse). So I took a company laptop. After working on the iPad for over six months, how is that working out for me?

iPad Pro vs laptop, three months in

It’s been a few months since I sold my trusty MacBook and bought an iPad Pro, with the idea of performing all mobile compute on the latter. How has it gone?

Using wired headphones with an iPad Pro

The latest iPad Pro release has carried with it the same furore as the iPhone 7 did … the lack of a traditional headphone socket. I’ve been using a DragonFly DAC, with a tiny USB-C -> USB3 adapter, and it works a treat.

Migrating the runbook: a journey from legacy to DevOps

“Just type this invoice up for me will you please?” asked a sheepish looking Malcolm. “I do have better things to do you know” I replied. “Yes, yes, I know. But who else is going to do it?” “Give it here then!”

My slides from IPExpo London

On October 7th I gave a talk at the IPExpo show about getting from legacy IT to the modern idea of DevOps.

Simplicity - the art of automation

When I was a young lad I had my heart set on being a car designer when I grew up. This dream carried on into my teens, then for some reason it vanished. Around the same time I discovered I could ‘work’ computers, and that I quite enjoyed it.

Testing Ansible roles

At an Ansible meetup last week somebody put this question to me: “I’m coming from the Puppet world, and there they have whole structures around testing modules (the same thing as Ansible roles) like Rspec. How do you handle the same thing with Ansible?”. Ah, this is a question I’ve heard many times. So here are my thoughts on it. I wouldn’t do it. Why ever not?! I hear you cry. Read on…

My talk and slides from IPExpo Manchester

On May 21st I gave a talk about automation at the IPExpo Manchester show.

Managing VMware vSphere guests with Ansible Tower

There are lots of ways to enable self-service VMs within an organisation - what some might call ‘a private cloud’. However, these usually require layers and layers of complex software. What if you could leverage your existing hypervisor and 15 lines of code to do the same? And what if those 15 lines became an even simpler single click?