When it comes to picking what Operating System to use for your project, how do you go about picking the 'right' one?

That's not a simple question, and therefore there is no simple answer. There should be two factors that, initially, govern your decision...

  1. Do you have the skill sets in house to install, configure, and more importantly support, your choice of platform?
  2. Is there a piece of ISV software you're dependent on, and therefore does it run on the platform in question?
I've long said to anyone who would care to ask, "Why choose Microsoft Windows?" -  "only if you have no UNIX skills in house". But I would say that. Having worked with Linux, Solaris and Windows throughout my career I came to that conclusion after trying to specialise in Windows some years ago - observability of the OS just isn't as good, and therefore problem debugging is hard work.  Anyway, I digress from the main point.

So for the sake of argument, let's say you do have a specific piece of software you need to run for your project, and it runs on Linux, Solaris and Windows. Let's say you have staff very capable of installing, configuring and maintaining all these operating systems too. Then you're in a lucky position, and maybe it should come down to a question of performance.

In that case, you need a benchmark to refer to. And in my next post, I'll give you some numbers that could help with your choice.


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