That was a rather annoying problem.

And rather odd.

iCal has been crashing for a few weeks on my Mac Mini running 10.7.2 - a bit of Googling led me to think it was corrupt data. I use Google Apps for mail and calendaring, so I followed an article that suggested removing the accounts and deleting all the cache information in ~/Library/Caches.

That fixed the problem for a couple of days, then it was back again. Since it was fairly intermittent I just put up with it.

Then today I couldn't open iCal at all. Or Mail. Or the System Preferences panel for Mail, Contacts & Calendars. A lot more chasing my tail ensued whilst googling the crash information.

To cut a much longer story short, the fix turned out to be deleting MobileMeAccounts.plist from ~/Library/Preferences.

Surreal, quite surreal.


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