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My slides from DOXLON talk

On December 3rd I gave a talk about Ansible to the DevOps Exchange London meetup. It was targeted at introducing people to Ansible, and showing how it is so much more than just configuration management.

The Rules

The UNIX philosophy. There are some wise words here.

Being a part of it

In the summer of 2013 I worked on a project that introduced me to Ansible. I was so impressed by it that I wrote a blog post. I found Ansible to be different to the catalog of software that constantly tries to grab our attention these days, and I’ve pretty much evangelised it since.

Ansible for Puppet users

A colleague was asking me questions today about Ansible playbooks, roles, tasks etc and how they translated from Puppet nomenclature (he is coming to Ansible with Puppet experience - much the same as I did actually). He thought it would be handy to have a ‘translation guide’.

My slides from London Splunk User Group talk

On July 23rd I gave a talk at the London Splunk User Group on automating Splunk with Ansible. You can find the slides here.

Defining 'DevOps'

You know what, I am starting to despair of the IT industry, just a little bit.

My slides from DevOps Cardiff talk

On July 2nd I gave a talk at DevOps Cardiff related to the blog post I wrote last year, on Puppet vs Chef vs Ansible.

Five tips for Ansible newbies

So you’ve decided to do some infrastructure automation as part of your DevOps workflow huh? And after reading lots of Ansible versus Puppet, Chef, Saltstack etc posts, you’ve settled on Ansible. But where to start? What tips will help you get on, faster? Here are my top five things you can do to help yourself…

Logwatch output to NFS with SELinux

As part of a log consolidation exercise I’d decided to try and put logwatch output into Splunk, to later produce some succinct analysis.

Atlassian Bamboo Install with Ansible

Jenkins seems to be the prevalent CI/CD software these days - but, truthfully, how many of you look at it and think it looks a bit, well, yuk?