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A high-level design for an OS operating model

In a previous post I mentioned that I would show a high-level design for an infrastructure operating model. This is a model I have followed to build a Linux based infrastructure, long before I even drew it as this diagram.

The route to DevOps simplicity

The greatest piece of engineering man has ever achieved is the humble bicycle. A controversial statement, perhaps. But bear with me…

Rapidly provision Jenkins on AWS using Ansible

This week I’d been fighting with a Chef install to do something relatively simple. Bogged down in a rats nest of complexity (extra Ruby scripts referencing Chef environment files, etc etc), I decided to see if there was a easier way.

Puppet vs Chef vs Ansible

I’ve spent my entire IT career automating. To me, the point of technology is to make life easier, so I tend to look for any way I can to make computers do ‘the heavy lifting’.

Analysing Amazon S3 logs with Splunk

Here’s how to get Amazon S3 bucket logs into Splunk, and then pull out the useful fields.

Running Splunk 5 behind Nginx with SSL and auth

Many articles have been written about this topic, yet none of them seem to fulfill the basic premise I wanted: get it working.

Perl::Critic and Modern::Perl

I’ve tended to use Perl::Critic for keeping my Perl in some semblence of a readable state for a while now. And since I started using newer Perls, I’ve also used Modern::Perl instead of ‘use strict; use warnings; use feature..’

Vagrant Splunk Box

I recommend Splunk a lot. I’ve been using it since about 2007, in varying degrees of complexity.

A Linux kickstart helper in Perl

I wrote a short while ago about using iPXE with a URL to help booting multiple versions of Linux. In that post I mentioned that I used a simple CGI to feed back the required kernel and initrd, plus a template kickstart file. As rough as it stands today, a question prompted me to publish the helper I use. So here you go, my Perl Mojolicious helper, Bacio.

Using iPXE with a URL to kickstart Linux

Although kickstarting Linux is pretty simple, it can be frustrating if you’re trying to build different versions.