I decided to take a look at Catalyst on Solaris. Having done a bit of work with it on Mac OSX, I discovered it wasn't that easy to get going on Solaris with the stock Perl. Even using cat-install from ShadowCat didn't render the easy result I'd experienced using MacPorts. After a few hours battling with CPAN, I've managed to come up with this list of modules to get Catalyst up and running.

The reader should note this was done on Solaris 10 update 6, on x86 hardware (well, in VMware actually). comments: true tags: solaris, zfs

This is one of the weirdest problems I've had for a while. On one of the servers I look after my home directory was a zfs filesystem set to /home/user. If I ever did an rm -rf on a directory structure underneath my home dir, it would remove all the files but leave all directories in place. The only way to get rid of the directories was to recursively remove each one. Painful.

Today I discovered a fix - although I don't know the reason why.

I had a fairly restrictive umask set, system wide, in /etc/profile - 027. When I did 'zfs set mountpoint=blah' with that umask I wouldn't be able to rm -rf successfully. However, if I moved the mountpoint, set umask to 022, then put it back where it should be, rm -rf works fine!

The underlying directory was left when I temporarily shifted the home directory, and it was owned root:root and 750, as the umask would suggest, but why that would then effect the ZFS mount on top of it (which was correctly owned by my own user ID) I do not know.

Anyone know why this would have been?


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