I decided to take a look at Catalyst on Solaris. Having done a bit of work with it on Mac OSX, I discovered it wasn't that easy to get going on Solaris with the stock Perl. Even using cat-install from ShadowCat didn't render the easy result I'd experienced using MacPorts. After a few hours battling with CPAN, I've managed to come up with this list of modules to get Catalyst up and running.

The reader should note this was done on Solaris 10 update 6, on x86 hardware (well, in VMware actually). comments: true tags: iscsi, linux, solaris

Recently a friend and I were trying to get XenServer 5 to use our Solaris 10 server as its backing store. We specifically wanted to use an iSCSI volume exported to the Xen server, as the performance is promised to be considerably better than NFS.

However, try as we might, the XenServer wouldn't make use of the iSCSI LUN as exported - it could see it, but wouldn't make use of it. Then we discovered this bug...


Now, this is supposedly fixed in the recent update 7 (05/09) release of Solaris 10. I've grabbed hold of the packages from 10u7, but I'm yet to test them. As soon as I have, I'll update this post.

Some notes about the changes to 05/09 - Look for the iSCSI comments in the "Driver Enhancements" section.


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