Ansible for Puppet users

A colleague was asking me questions today about Ansible playbooks, roles, tasks etc and how they translated from Puppet nomenclature (he is coming to Ansible with Puppet experience - much the same as I did actually). He thought it would be handy to have a 'translation guide'. more ...

Puppet vs Chef vs Ansible

I've spent my entire IT career automating. To me, the point of technology is to make life easier, so I tend to look for any way I can to make computers do 'the heavy lifting'. more ...

Ubuntu 12.04 Vagrant Box

Continuing my recent toying with Vagrant, I needed an Ubuntu 12.04 VM for some client work.

Now, there are plenty of Ubuntu Vagrant boxes out there, but I didn't notice any that:

  1. were minimal server installs
  2. had Puppet AND Chef installed

The latter point is the one that ...

more ...

Puppet3 variable behaviour in templates

I had a weird problem with Puppet 3.2.3 today.

In an older template I had a check for a facter fact (variable) as true:

<% if @has_phpmyadmin -%>
Include conf.d/<%= @fqdn -%>.conf
Include conf.d/phpMyAdmin.conf
<% end -%>
<% if @has_phpxhprof -%>
Include conf.d/xhprof.conf
<% end -%>

This used to ...

more ...