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My slides from IPExpo London

On October 7th I gave a talk at the IPExpo show about getting from legacy IT to the modern idea of DevOps.

Testing Ansible roles

At an Ansible meetup last week somebody put this question to me: “I’m coming from the Puppet world, and there they have whole structures around testing modules (the same thing as Ansible roles) like Rspec. How do you handle the same thing with Ansible?”. Ah, this is a question I’ve heard many times. So here are my thoughts on it. I wouldn’t do it. Why ever not?! I hear you cry. Read on…

My talk and slides from IPExpo Manchester

On May 21st I gave a talk about automation at the IPExpo Manchester show.

Managing VMware vSphere guests with Ansible Tower

There are lots of ways to enable self-service VMs within an organisation - what some might call ‘a private cloud’. However, these usually require layers and layers of complex software. What if you could leverage your existing hypervisor and 15 lines of code to do the same? And what if those 15 lines became an even simpler single click?

Simple service discovery using Ansible Tower and DNS

Service discovery is one of those things that can be extremely handy to have, yet difficult to implement in a simple fashion. There are lots of tools out there to help, but I wanted to make something simple and easy to maintain for my specific use case. So here’s the way I’ve done it, using a couple of DNS records and Ansible Tower.

My slides from DOXLON talk

On December 3rd I gave a talk about Ansible to the DevOps Exchange London meetup. It was targeted at introducing people to Ansible, and showing how it is so much more than just configuration management.

Being a part of it

In the summer of 2013 I worked on a project that introduced me to Ansible. I was so impressed by it that I wrote a blog post. I found Ansible to be different to the catalog of software that constantly tries to grab our attention these days, and I’ve pretty much evangelised it since.

Ansible for Puppet users

A colleague was asking me questions today about Ansible playbooks, roles, tasks etc and how they translated from Puppet nomenclature (he is coming to Ansible with Puppet experience - much the same as I did actually). He thought it would be handy to have a ‘translation guide’.

My slides from London Splunk User Group talk

On July 23rd I gave a talk at the London Splunk User Group on automating Splunk with Ansible. You can find the slides here.

My slides from DevOps Cardiff talk

On July 2nd I gave a talk at DevOps Cardiff related to the blog post I wrote last year, on Puppet vs Chef vs Ansible.