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Five tips for Ansible newbies

So you’ve decided to do some infrastructure automation as part of your DevOps workflow huh? And after reading lots of Ansible versus Puppet, Chef, Saltstack etc posts, you’ve settled on Ansible. But where to start? What tips will help you get on, faster? Here are my top five things you can do to help yourself…

Atlassian Bamboo Install with Ansible

Jenkins seems to be the prevalent CI/CD software these days - but, truthfully, how many of you look at it and think it looks a bit, well, yuk?

Rapidly provision Jenkins on AWS using Ansible

This week I’d been fighting with a Chef install to do something relatively simple. Bogged down in a rats nest of complexity (extra Ruby scripts referencing Chef environment files, etc etc), I decided to see if there was a easier way.

Puppet vs Chef vs Ansible

I’ve spent my entire IT career automating. To me, the point of technology is to make life easier, so I tend to look for any way I can to make computers do ‘the heavy lifting’.

Vagrant Splunk Box

I recommend Splunk a lot. I’ve been using it since about 2007, in varying degrees of complexity.