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Migrating the runbook: a journey from legacy to DevOps

“Just type this invoice up for me will you please?” asked a sheepish looking Malcolm. “I do have better things to do you know” I replied. “Yes, yes, I know. But who else is going to do it?” “Give it here then!”

My slides from London Splunk User Group talk

On July 23rd I gave a talk at the London Splunk User Group on automating Splunk with Ansible. You can find the slides here.

Defining 'DevOps'

You know what, I am starting to despair of the IT industry, just a little bit.

My slides from DevOps Cardiff talk

On July 2nd I gave a talk at DevOps Cardiff related to the blog post I wrote last year, on Puppet vs Chef vs Ansible.

Five tips for Ansible newbies

So you’ve decided to do some infrastructure automation as part of your DevOps workflow huh? And after reading lots of Ansible versus Puppet, Chef, Saltstack etc posts, you’ve settled on Ansible. But where to start? What tips will help you get on, faster? Here are my top five things you can do to help yourself…

Atlassian Bamboo Install with Ansible

Jenkins seems to be the prevalent CI/CD software these days - but, truthfully, how many of you look at it and think it looks a bit, well, yuk?

A high-level design for an OS operating model

In a previous post I mentioned that I would show a high-level design for an infrastructure operating model. This is a model I have followed to build a Linux based infrastructure, long before I even drew it as this diagram.

The route to DevOps simplicity

The greatest piece of engineering man has ever achieved is the humble bicycle. A controversial statement, perhaps. But bear with me…

Rapidly provision Jenkins on AWS using Ansible

This week I’d been fighting with a Chef install to do something relatively simple. Bogged down in a rats nest of complexity (extra Ruby scripts referencing Chef environment files, etc etc), I decided to see if there was a easier way.