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Logwatch output to NFS with SELinux

As part of a log consolidation exercise I’d decided to try and put logwatch output into Splunk, to later produce some succinct analysis.

A high-level design for an OS operating model

In a previous post I mentioned that I would show a high-level design for an infrastructure operating model. This is a model I have followed to build a Linux based infrastructure, long before I even drew it as this diagram.

A Linux kickstart helper in Perl

I wrote a short while ago about using iPXE with a URL to help booting multiple versions of Linux. In that post I mentioned that I used a simple CGI to feed back the required kernel and initrd, plus a template kickstart file. As rough as it stands today, a question prompted me to publish the helper I use. So here you go, my Perl Mojolicious helper, Bacio.

Using iPXE with a URL to kickstart Linux

Although kickstarting Linux is pretty simple, it can be frustrating if you’re trying to build different versions.