Principally my technical life revolves around automating stuff.

I tend to find myself popping virtual machines up to test out specific things, and I work with either Parallels or VirtualBox on the Mac, else I'm doing something with an Amazon EC2 virtual. With the Mac virtualisation products, I tend to do a very minimal kickstart of CentOS6 then layer up whatever I need using Ansible.

Then I discovered Vagrant. Neat tool, very neat. Plenty of people have documented building CentOS6 boxes, but I wanted - like everybody, probably - my own install to ensure I knew what I was getting.

The Vagrant documentation is a little vague about building boxes, and neglects to point out the need for a 'vagrant' user, with 'vagrant' as the password - and NOPASSWD sudo access. Important bits for automating once the box has booted.

So I've made a CentOS 6.5 (unpatched) 'box', with the minimal requirements to work with Vagrant. It was kickstarted with the 'core' group, and some exclusions. I'll publish the kickstart file in a subsequent post.

The resulting box can be grabbed from here if you'd like to use it as your own base.


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