Continuing my recent toying with Vagrant, I needed an Ubuntu 12.04 VM for some client work.

Now, there are plenty of Ubuntu Vagrant boxes out there, but I didn't notice any that:

  1. were minimal server installs
  2. had Puppet AND Chef installed

The latter point is the one that drove me to make my own box. Most people want one or the other, and not both. I've been a Puppet user for over six years, but my current work requires Chef. So I'm transferring my knowledge, which sometimes means it's nice to generate the answer with both solutions.

I also chose to install both Chef and Puppet with a system-wide install of Gem, which means if you use this box you can easily update either of them with gem, as the default vagrant user.

The box is a basic Ubuntu 12.04 LTS install, with:

  1. RVM 1.22.3 (multi-user install)
  2. ruby-1.9.3-p448 from RVM
  3. chef 11.6.0
  4. puppet 3.2.4
  5. VirtualBox Additions 4.2.16

You can download the box from AWS S3.


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