Apple HomeKit invite fails with apparently no reason

251 words, 2 minutes.

What should be simple has this week turned out to be anything but.

I added a new camera to our home (Logitech Circle View — pleasant experience so far) but it wasn’t showing up on my wife’s iPhone. So I ended up removing her from the home access and tried to re-invite. The invite sent OK, the notification came up on her phone OK, but clicking accept did nothing. In the Home app itself the invite ‘accept’ button was missing, with a spinning icon there instead. No matter how long I left it, or whichever of the addresses associated with her iCloud account I tried, they all failed. I tried the iPad and the iPhone, to no avail. I tried logging out of iCloud on all her devices and back in again, which also failed.

This was beginning to get immensely frustrating, especially when searching for an answer I read on an Apple forum that you needed to delete the home and set it all back up again 😱 I was loathed to do that, as I have many devices associated. It would take hours.

Then I discovered an old comment on a Reddit thread, which said try signing out of iCloud on the invitee’s device, signing in with your own — known working — ID on their device, checking Home looks right, signing back out and back in as them and resending an invite.

Bingo! Finally, it works.

What a faff. Totally inexplicable too, which is the doubly infuriating part.