Widescreen CarPlay in a BMW 3 Series

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The wireless Apple CarPlay in my 2017 BMW 3 Series works fine, but would only ever span two-thirds of the large display. This seemed like quite a waste.

It would appear like this, and there was nothing you could do about it: CarPlay Before

After a bit of digging around, I found Bimmer Remote and handed over a not-inconsequential amount of money for their upgrade service. Crossing fingers and hoping that they were legitimate 😬

Their engineer, Jakub, was incredibly helpful, prompt with communications via text message, and the job was all carried out remotely. The only other purchase I needed to make was an ENET OBD diagnostics cable .

Remotely Fixing

It took about an hour to complete, and even including the cable was still considerably cheaper than taking it to the local BMW dealer to resolve. The upgrade package, which they instructed me to download before the process was carried out remotely, was 20gb in size. This somewhat scarily tells me the scale of software in automobiles now. We are driving around in near-2-tonne computers. A terrifying thought for those of us who have spent our working lives in the software industry.

It’s a far better experience to use now though. Worth the spend.

CarPlay After