CleanShot X screen capture tool

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CleanShot Screen Capture App for macOS

Taking screenshots on macOS is a doddle. cmd-shift-4, or cmd-shift-3, or for ultimate control, cmd-shift-5. What could be simpler? Why would you want more? That’s what I used to think, until I tried CleanShot.

I’ve often found myself wanting to get a screen grab of, say, a browser window, but in a particular ratio. For the last year I’ve been running marketing for a local business. As part of that, I create a lot of content for YouTube. So quite often I want a screenshot in 16 x 9 ratio, which is awkward to do. I’ve either ended up writing Apple Script to size the window, then grabbed it with cmd-shift-4, or grabbed the whole screen then cropped it in Pixelmator. What a faff.

Over Christmas, whilst joining in the default apps trend and viewing others’ apps, I saw somebody using an add on app for screen capture — CleanShot X. My immediate thought was ‘why would you need that, the default suffices’. Then I tried it.

I’m now hooked. The one-time purchase price is worth the time and effort savings (I’m not fussed about the subscription version — in fact, most software subscriptions are a turn off these days).

What value am I getting from it? Well, fixed ratio grabs for starters. But neat extras like being able to add a background to a grab is useful (like the image at the head of this post). CleanShot just makes everything easy, and even ‘hijacks’ the macOS standard keyboard shortcuts.

Like Bartender, it’s one of those little helpers that actually makes the experience of macOS even better.