My slides from DevOps Cardiff talk

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On July 2nd I gave a talk at DevOps Cardiff related to the blog post I wrote last year, on Puppet vs Chef vs Ansible.

I’ve put the slides up, and here’s a a screencast of the install process:

The talk was intended to give people something to think about when choosing an automation tool - they all do the same job, but Ansible is much simpler. Simple is good, when (not if) things go wrong simple is easier to debug than complicated.

On the night I ran a screencast of the Chef and Puppet installs, but did the Ansible run live. All three web servers were up and running, so I could browse the example page, which simply show a message and a timestamp of the current time (to show I wasn’t faking anything).

I did a lot of talking around the slides, so they might seem a little bare here. But you’ll get the idea.